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Ninjaink artist The Phantom Lim created this wonderfully touching tribute to American actor, director and writer Harold Ramis, aka the awesome Egon Spengler, who passed away yesterday at the age of 69.

We hadn’t considered it before, but it makes perfect sense to think that a Ghostbuster would be in good company after having to put down the proton pack and head for the hereafter.

Thanks for all of the laughs Mister Ramis. Egon, we’ll miss you terribly.

  • Track Name

    Episode 91 ...Beyond All Rational Thought

  • Album

    This is Serious Business

  • Artist

    TiSB Panel

You know Jon and Rob already, you’ve only ever heard them scream frequent listener Kyle’s name. Well, we got Kyle on the phone to talk to us. In honor of Harold Ramis and his passing they’re talking about Ghostbusters, childhood classic for many of us. Of course Ramis worked on a lot more than bustin’ ghosts so Jon put a little game together to highlight some of his other work. 

Who you gonna call?

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